Special Projects

The school of the Future

The school of the Future

Educational is a research, development and technical integrated assistance project aimed to lead the interested subjects in this definition, to the promotion and to the realization “turnkey” of innovative and integrated models of “School of the Future”.

The project is promoted by Camillo Sirianni Furnishing, society specialized in school furniture, as a part of consolidation and the development of its own traditional market positioning. For the specific purpose Camillo Sirianni Furnishing has set up a multidisciplinary working group for as follow:

  • Entopan Advisoring & Engineering: Strategic coordination, Corporate Identity;
  • Makno: Researches, Analysis and structure of educational offer;
  • Smartmedia: Learning technology;
  • Cofer: architectural structure realization;
  • Architects: some of the most important italian designers;


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