Sirianni University is a line of products designed to furnish University Classrooms and great community areas. Desk and seats are entirely designed and manufactured in the factory, with the help and the counseling of national and international experts in the field: all the products respect the ergonomic and anthropometric principles issued by the European Standard (EN) and the International (ISO ). Products value is guaranteed by a strict management system, from raw material purchase, exclusively Italian, to metal and wood processing, to painting, to packaging and shipment.


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University Classrooms

The monoblock systems desk and seat for University Classrooms are designed and produced by Camillo Sirianni to allow for optimizing spaces, ensuring a correct posture, thanks to the integrated seat- writing top system.


Seats and back simply shape, make posture particularly comfortable. The great sturdiness of the components comes from a careful design and the experience gained over the years with the installation of tens of thousands of places in classrooms.


Designed and produced specifically for University , meeting and training classrooms, specifically for intensive use, seats are characterized by the lightness of line and shapes, combined with extreme sturdiness and durability of components and materials used.




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