The values, the strategy and objectives of a company are expressed in its policy, and a cornerstone of the policy of Camillo Sirianni is the protection of the environment.

This is done on a daily basis through:

  • compliance with the mandatory standards and voluntary issued at international level;
  • pollution prevention;
  • the progressive reduction of emissions, waste and resource consumption;
  • cooperation with Public Authorities and communication with the population, through an open dialogue on the environmental subject;
  • appropriate information, training and awareness of all staff on environmental problems, to ensure that its employees, at all levels, may conduct its business in an environmentally friendly;
  • a strong awareness of suppliers and a preference for those who demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and pollution prevention;
  • the objective of realizing all products with recycled and recyclable materials.


The factory is located in the heart of Sila, one of the biggest woods in Europe.


Camillo Sirianni S.a.s. 
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