Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certification



The FSC® Certification, the Forest Stewardship Council®, is the main mechanism for guaranteeing the origin of the wood or paper. It is an international certification system that ensures that the raw material used to make a product wood or paper made comes from forests where the strict environmental, social and economic Standards are observed.
A FSC® certified Company for the Chain of Custody can show, asking for approval for the use of the logo and brand on the product, that the original forest has been independently inspected and evaluated in accordance with the principles and criteria of good forest management, established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council®.
FSC® certification, that a company like Camillo Sirianni Sas shows off (FSC-C131592), certifies its membership to a chain of material control that goes from the forest to the last link in the chain before the final consumer, that is the dealer;
Membership in the network identifies a FSC® environmental responsibility: the wood resources of the forest are used in a natural rhythm, in accordance with a certain pattern of regrowth, respecting a certain density tree, cutting the plant at the right time, replacing it if it is of a species that does not grow alone, with special attention to the needs of local populations.
Awareness and attention to the environment by customers increased: through the use of certified papers or any product derived from wood by the standards FSC®, shows the commitment of the customer and the Company to feed a system of ethics, responsible and properly managed. The Camillo Sirianni S.a.s. has chosen to certify their products as FSC® products, available on request, to enhance its reputation in terms of compliance with environmental, social and economic aspects of the world's forests FSC®.



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